49ers Training Camp

This week Justin and I got to go to a 49ers training camp practice with the local YPO/WPO chapters – great event, so excited for the season to start!

Frank Gore (21) warming up with some fast footwork drills.

Rookie twin towers Mike Iupati (77) and Anthony Davis (76).

Coach Mike Singletary came and talked to us for a bit after practice, which was great.  Afterwords he was signing autographs for the kids, and I hung around hoping to get a word in, and told him that I was the biggest Bears fan here.  I asked for a photo and he said sure, but then I was a total idiot and tried to take it myself and hit the “off” button instead of the button to take the actual shot…why didn’t I just hand the camera to Justin?!?  Oh well.  I’ll have to live with my photo of me and Otis Wilson and Richard Dent as my ‘85 Bears glory (for now)…more on that here later.

“I’m Samurai Mike, I stop ’em cold, part of the defense, big and bold.”

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