The Women’s March


As I was singing Edelweiss to tuck my 5-year-old son into bed tonight, I choked up and could barely finish. Because the parallels between what we face as a nation now and what Austria was facing in The Sound of Music are undeniable.

But what is also undeniable is that today was a historic, happy day. The first true day of hope since the election. I was unable to march with the millions who marched today, but I am so proud of my friends and fellow Americans who did.

When Captain von Trapp gets choked up singing Edelweiss at the festival, and the crowd steps in to support him, the upwelling of solidarity is palpable. Today, as the pics of incredible crowds rolled in, I felt that same upwelling of solidarity. Except this time, it’s massive, it’s global, and it’s personal.

I will hold on tight to that feeling as we move forward in this fight.

Bless my homeland forever, indeed.

Photo credit Chang W. Lee/The New York Times

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