Creative Projects

I always need to have something creative in the works to keep my mind fresh. Here are some of my recent and ongoing creative outlets.

#10for10 Videos
Confession time: Given a choice between going to a reunion and going to Hawaii, I’d choose the reunion—I love my communities and love making them stronger. I’m very involved with all of my alma maters, and often can be found chairing a reunion, most recently my 10th b-school one. My going-the-extra-mile contributions included this #10for10 video series highlighting classmates to build excitement, an entrepreneurship panel to share amazing achievements, and a real-time slideshow using Eventstag for social media engagement throughout the weekend. It all added up to record-breaking attendance for a 10th reunion.
Below are two of my favorite #10for10 videos that I put together:
We are now in year four of homebrewing, and our Pliny the Martin double IPA is delish (even if it’s really just the Pliny the Elder kit). I had fun designing the “Hop Grande” logo below, blending our love of hops with the iconic tree in our front yard (and spinoffs for batches like Citroid).
hopgrande         citroid
Design Hacking
I’m not a designer, but I love to create. For a recent reunion, I hacked together this design inspired by my love of maps, winning the logo design contest voted on by classmates.
And if you are a koozie aficionado, I have plenty more examples of ones I’ve designed for events!
The 06010
Ok, this one is really just for the 06010 fans out there. ESPN’s marquee fantasy podcast, Fantasy Focus Football, is affectionately known as “the 06010” after the Bristol, CT zip code, and in homage to Beverly Hills, 90210. Matthew Berry and the crew have created an amazing community with this podcast. Last year I was selected to compete in Women’s League 2.0, and I frequently submit name game drops. Haven’t gotten on the air yet, but I’ll keep reworking and trying. Here is my latest – though seriously, only listen if you are an 06010 fan. Otherwise it will just sound like weird fanfic (ok, it sounds that way regardless, but it’s at least funny if you know Matthew and Field).