Moving the Needle

Using content marketing to shift perceptions, grow pipeline

  • Learned about a fascinating scientific mission, started pulling the thread, bigger overall story emerged
  • Recognized opportunity to use story to shift perceptions in offshore energy market
  • Wrote white paper and complementary content for email nurture workflows

Examples of telling and retelling the story in different ways:

Results: White paper became one of our top-performing lead generation offers, led to several inbound proposal requests and recurring revenue.

Visual Storytelling

Big Picture Storytelling

On land, we expect instant access to information. In the ocean, it’s essentially dark. What if we turned the lights on? With the Digital Ocean campaign, I got to tell the story of how tapping into ocean data can help us solve some of our planet’s biggest challenges, while creating an outsized presence for our brand as a thought leader in the process.

Centering the Customer

The Mission Services Webpage is one of the cleanest examples in terms of what was purely my work vs. one that evolved over time. Plus, it’s a good example about how my approach to centering the customer is not just about using “you” language, but also about framing the overall story from the customer’s perspective.


  • About us, not the customer
  • Incomplete list of services
  • Bullets, bullets, bullets!


  • About the customer, not us
  • Clear menu of services upfront
  • Story told as the customer would experience it during a mission

Results: Along with the content refresh, I revamped the website navigation to move services within the core product menu, resulting in an immediate 20% lift in traffic. But the bigger impact was on the customer experience (can share more about my customer experience audit in person, not online).

Challenging the Status Quo

After leading the Cisco Small Business messaging and digital experience refresh, I moved into a role in Product Marketing where I again questioned just doing business as usual.


  • Create collateral, campaign materials, update website
  • Include in press release/event announcement
  • Small ad campaign


  • New cross-functional process = key channel/GTM insights
  • Generate coverage via seed units & product reviews
  • Invest $ in onsite staffing & incentives for distributors

Results: 4x sales increase for my product line, and my revamped launch process became the new standard for the business.