Writing Samples…

* For a few examples I led the messaging/outline and significantly edited copy, but didn’t fully author

…And Project Examples 

Public-facing examples for this campaign include the campaign landing page and a series of short “Top 5” graphic articles designed for quick consumption and social media (Three examples: 5 steps to a digital workplace that’s anywhere, anytime; 5 steps to delivering a perfect customer experience; 5 ways to activate network security everywhere).
Want some examples of how I translate complex tech/specs into easy-to-understand materials? Check out a 2-page overview, data sheet, and white paper that I wrote.
The website we built is no longer intact, but you can check out the Small Business Messaging Guide I put together to help get everyone on the same page.
The Small Business Resource Center that I built in 2008 is still online today, and has expanded from the original 40-50 pieces I edited and/or wrote to over 100 articles, each intended to rank for non-branded keywords and focused on education.
Yes, I seriously got the advice to wear a fake wedding ring – still have the $7.99 sparkler from Walmart! I also got to live through Hurricane Charley during this summer internship.