Key Takeaways from the NewsCred #ThinkContent Tour SF

I’m a little delayed on this, but wanted to capture and
share some of the best takeaways from this awesome event.

The New Consumer: How Understanding Consumer Behavior Can
Help Connect You To Your Audience

Cenk Bulbul, Head of Strategy & Insights, Ads Marketing,

  • Consumer needs are…immediate, purposeful,
  • Content should be…informative, authentic,
  • Model for thinking about how your content maps
    across the customer journey:
    • Hero – entertain and inspire
    • Hub – regularly updated destination with
      valuable content
    • Help – answers to consumer question
  • Good to know: lots of data available at

Speaking To Millennials: Why It Matters & Strategies For

I initially wrote this session title as “Speaking with
Millenials” which in retrospect probably would have been a more accurate
participle to choose. Anyway, this was a panel discussion with Hamilton Brown
from Taco Bell, Eric Toda from Airbnb, DJ Capobianco from Twitter, Annie Lee
from Pinterest, and Eric Oldrin from Instagram, moderated by Sarah Frier from

  • Don’t encourage them to story tell, encourage
    them to story make (have adventures) – Eric Toda, Head of Global Social
    Marketing, Airbnb
  • You don’t want to walk into a party and just
    talk about yourself – Eric TodaThink about grouping users by ethos, not by age
    – Airbnb has Identity Voyagers, Pioneers, and more
  • Let people have fun with your brand and poke fun
    at it – Pinterest highlighted and celebrated “Pinterest fails” Halloween
    costume attempts
  • Real-time = a great opportunity to deliver value
    to your users, and capture great everyday moments that can be turned into
    future content – Airbnb sent a helicopter for a stranded user whose lodging
    fell through

The Era of Amplification and Personalization

Jason Miller, Senior Manager, Global Content Marketing
Solutions, LinkedIn

Highlight of the day for me. Beyond the great content
marketing advice, this was a master class on how to give a kickass presentation
while also cementing a distinctive personal brand. His blend of content
marketing expertise with metal/rock gods (exploding pie charts, anyone?!?) was
memorable, valuable and fun. Some choice takeaways:

  • When did we all forget to be interesting?
  • Be the best answer to the question on your
    customer’s mind
  • Content marketing is easy; being interesting is
  • Repurpose content like leftover turkey – start
    with a Big Rock, then lift/repurpose to create turkey slices

Big Things Happen When Content Meets Data

Peter Krmpotic, Senior Product Manager, Adobe Experience

This was primarily a discussion about how channel
proliferation drives a need for tools to help manage it all. Biggest takeaway
for me was a model for thinking about making messages channel-specific.


How to Plan & Build Your Content Marketing Strategy

Liz Bedor, Content Marketing Strategist, NewsCred

A great walkthrough of their model – you can check it out on
SlideShare, so just a few points here.

  • Love this quote: “We need to stop interrupting what people are interested
    in and be what people are interested
    in.” – Craig Davis
  • Content is currency, something you can give
  • Calculate the cost of unused content, steal
    budget from underperforming content
  • Go back to basics and answer your customers’
    questions – be helpful! A good slide/framework for working through this:
    • Persona –> Stage –> Questions/Concerns –> Keywords
    • Then evaluate if you have content that answers
      those questions and will rank for the corresponding keywords – and if not,
      build it

Redefining the Rules of Marketing

Shafqat Islam, Co-Founder & CEO, NewsCred

I’ll just wrap with one takeaway here, which pretty much
sums it all up:

“If you think your product is the thing you sell, you will
be disrupted. Your product is the customer experience.”

Great event – if you are in London or Chicago see if you can
request an invite to their upcoming stops on the #ThinkContent tour!