How to Raise a Bears Fan

B: “Hi, Brandon Marshall, what are you doing? Playing football? Ok bye.”

We have a little 3-player (QB/WR/RB) TD only fantasy football leage in our family, and this year my 2 ½ year old picked Brandon Marshall as his wide receiver. Mostly because “Marshall” sounds a lot like “marshmallow” (his RB is Marshawn Lynch, giving him the 1-2 marshmallow brothers punch).

So this past Sunday night was the Bears-49ers game – a big game in our family as I’m a lifelong diehard Bears fan and my husband is a 49ers fan, and we are both vying for our team to capture the heart of our little guy.

Now, I know I’m a longshot in this quest. We live in the Bay Area and had season tickets for the past six years until the new stadium priced us out.

I wasn’t counting on much. The past two times the Bears have visited the 49ers I’ve been there in person for the misery. The Jay Cutler 5-INT game in 2009. The battle-of-the-backups in 2012 that saw Colin Kaepernick emerge as a star (and Jason Campbell, well, not). I expected heartbreak once again.

Blocked punt? Of course. Down 17-0? Yep. But then there we were, watching Brandon Marshall score a touchdown. And then another one.

B: “Where’s Brandon Marshall?”

Me: “He’s sitting on the bench now, but in a few minutes he’ll come back and score some more touchdowns.”

And then he did! Man, if only B were a few years older, this would be the kind of memory that would be seared into his memory and lock him in as a Bears fan for life.

But for now, I’ll settle for a nightly game of B running around the house saying “I’m Brandon Marshall. You can be Brandon Marshall, too. We have two Brandon Marshalls. Touchdown!!!”

Fantasy Football Week 14

Won by .42 points, the narrowest of margins, securing my brother a spot in the playoffs.  If you can’t make the playoffs, at least be a spoiler, right?  Survived two players with negative points (Cutler and Mike Thomas) thanks to a great performance by pick-up Brian Westbrook, the only double-digits on my team this week.

Consolation playoffs here we come! 😦

Fantasy Football Week 12

Now that I’ve been mathematically eliminated from the playoffs, the points roll in and the victory comes easy…could have started either Cutler or Cassel and both would have gotten me 4 TDs and over 30 points…now up to 8th place, with the 2nd most points in the league, and a contender for the consolation playoffs.  Consolation?  Not really.

Fantasy Football Week 10

A win!  Most points in the league this week, with strong performances from just about everyone – White, Mike Thomas, Cutler, Bears D, Austin, Charles and Gore.

I now have the 2nd most points in the league, but sadly am in 10th place.  Technically not mathmatically eliminated from the playoffs, but need to win out and need help from all over.

Fantasy Football Week 8

Finally a win!  Solid performances by Sam Bradford (starting in place of Cutler on a bye), Frank Gore, Jamaal Charles, and especially K Dan Carpenter who kicked a huge 19 points for me (starting in place of Gould on a bye, might have to stick with him).

Sadly, even with the W I’m still in 12th place.  Fight on.

Big week coming up – a must-win against Justin.

Fantasy Football Week 6

Another week, another loss.  Only this time the Bears lost as well, so no good on any front.  Still hope for the season?  On paper I still think I have the best roster in the league, just need the matchups to start swinging in my favor and stop going against people on their hot week (I have by far the most points scored against me in the league).

12th place.  Nowhere to go but up!