Fantasy Football Week 5

1-4 now, after a loss to my brother.  Sam Bradford was the incorrect pickup in place of Cutler, with 2 INTs, should have gone with Hill or Fitzpatrick, both of whom had 3 TDs.  Not that it would have helped, since John had the most points in the league this week.  Not my year for matchups…oh well, another Bears win!  I’m 1-4, they’re 4-1.

Fantasy Football Week 3

I always say I’ll take a Bears win over a fantasy win every time, and this week I’ll say it again.

What a game by the Bears tonight on MNF, taking down the Packers 20-17 to go to 3-0!  D and special teams plays came up big.

Now, if Cutler had gotten one more TD, one less INT, or if Gould had hit his first long FG, could I have gotten the victory?  Sure.  But it was really Austin Collie on the opposing team that sunk me, along with weak performances by Austin and Welker.

Go Bears!!!

Fantasy Football Week 2

A little late on the recap this week, but I’m off the schneid with my first victory.

Solid performances from Cutler, Austin, White, Welker and Gore.

On the bench nice efforts turned in from Jacoby Jones and Demaryius Thomas.  That means my big decision this week is which of these four to start as my flex WR: Jones, Thomas, Legedu Naanee, or Devin Aromashodu.  Really it’s between Jones, Thomas, and Naanee b/c I’m already starting 4 Bears against the Packers, think that’s enough.  I’d like to go Jones or Thomas, but Naanee plays Seattle, so we’ll see.

Starting to think about week 4, when Jamaal Charles and Thomas Jones are on a bye week.  Was planning to put in Beanie Wells, but will he still be out hurt?  Failed to jump on the waiver wire this week, wanting to keep my number high for someone I really wanted, hope that’s not a mistake.  In the meantime I grabbed John Kuhn just in case.  Who?!?!  Exactly.

Fantasy Football Week 1

Hurricane Ditka scored a massive 112 points this week, with solid performances from Cutler (even with the INT and fumble), White, Austin, Welker, and Charles.

Second highest point total in the league.

Only problem – I was playing the first highest point total – with Chris Johnson and Arian Foster’s breakout performance!

The kicker…I had Legedu Naanee on my bench and thought about playing him as my flex instead of Aromashodu – had I played him I would have won!  My Bears-colored glasses shade my world view yet again, and it won’t be the last time.

Oh well.  Still really loving my team on paper, the wins will follow soon, right?

Not planning on any waiver wire action this week, but plan to swap my IDP later in the week – probably for a Bear!

Fantasy Football Draft

My fantasy football league had our draft last night.  Here’s my team, and how it all went down.  Overall I’m pretty happy with my team, probably give it an 8 out of 10.  But who knows what the season will bring…

Round.  (Overall Pick)  Player

1.  (7)  Frank Gore – Brendan shook things up by taking Peyton Manning at #5, perhaps signalling an early run on QBs, but I felt I couldn’t pass up Gore here.  Brees or Andre Johnson were also considered, but I figured I’d be able to get a top-tier WR or QB in round 2.

2.  (18)  Miles Austin – The choice came down to QB or WR, but after Brees/Rodgers went off the board, I felt it was too high a pick to use on Brady/Schaub/Romo, so I decided to wait until round 3.

3.  (31)  Roddy White – I was wrong.  All 7 top-tier QBs were gone by the time it came back to me, so I switched to my value-QB strategy, thinking I could get Flacco a few rounds later.  Was psyched that Roddy White was still on the board and jumped on it.

4.  (42)  Jamaal Charles – I couldn’t believe Charles was still available here, most of my mock drafts had him going in the 3rd.  Also, someone took Flacco with the 2nd pick this round – crazy early – so I knew I’d be waiting a while to pick up a QB.

5.  (55)  Wes Welker – I wanted one of Welker, Crabtree, or Garcon, and decided to take Welker here, he served me well last year, let’s hope the knee holds up.

6.  (66)  Beanie Wells – Another shocker, for Wells to be available here in the 6th.  Couldn’t pass up adding a starting-quality RB to my bench.

7.  (79)  Zach Miller – One of the value TEs I’d been eyeing prior to the draft, hoping Campbell is an improvement from last year.

8.  (90)  Devin Aromashodu – Pysched to get a Bears WR, and Aromashodu was my first pick of the three, even though Knox and Hester were already off the board.

9.  (103)  Jay Cutler – Figured I better grab Cutler here, and it was a good move, because the next two picks were Vince Young and Roethlisberger – my league liked to grab backup QBs early.  Cutler makes me nervous, but fingers crossed.

10.  (114)  Jacoby Jones – One of the deep picks I’d been hoping for, we’ll see if he’s really good, or if I’m just too much of a Matthew Berry fangirl.

11.  (127)  Thomas Jones – Wasn’t really going for the Jamaal Charles handcuff here, just figured Jones was too good of a value to pass up here.  Also, former Bear.

12.  (138)  Demaryius Thomas – Didn’t read up on the foot injury before I picked him, but I like Orton, and Orton needs someone to throw to now that Marshall is gone.  And I like having a rookie or two on my team.

13.  (151)  Chicago – Da Bears!  Who cares how ESPN and Yahoo and pretty much everyone have them ranked, they are my Bears.

14.  (162)  Legedu Naanee – Say it with me, LEGEDU NAANEE!  Plus I think he’ll have some value with Vincent Jackson out for a bit.

15.  (175)  Chad Henne – Wanted to get a backup QB as Cutler insurance, and I think Henne could have some upside.

16.  (186)  Robbie Gould – Da Bears!

17.  (199)  Chaz Schilens – Couldn’t figure out who I wanted as my individual defensive player, so I grabbed Chaz.  I’ll have to drop him before the first game, which is too bad, he could have some upside.

Can’t wait for the season to start!