Hey UrbanSitter, how about a White Flag button?

It usually hits on a Sunday. Whether you’ve just hit max on your whining threshold, or have been flying solo because your partner has had to work all weekend, all of a sudden a wave crashes over you.

Fuuuuuck. Why didn’t I line up a sitter?

It’s that moment when you would give anything to have a sitter show up and take them off your hands for a few hours.

You want to wave the white flag and surrender.

So how about it, UrbanSitter?

How it could work:

  • After you’ve used a sitter, you mark in your profile whether or not you want them added to your White Flag list (sitters also opt in/out for White Flag alerts)
  • When desperation sets in, you open the UrbanSitter app and hit the White Flag button
  • A notification goes out to all the sitters on your White Flag list
  • If a sitter is free and wants the immediate work, they can reply to accept the job
  • May want to geo-bound the list to an area where a sitter could get to a White Flag job within 30 minutes
  • You could also do the notifications in reverse, with a favorite sitter throwing parents an optional lifeline

Instant relief for parents. More jobs for sitters. And from a business perspective, it acts as an incentive for parents to post more jobs in order to build up a big enough list to make this killer feature work for them.